WIFI/BLE Simultaneously

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Re: WIFI/BLE Simultaneously

Postby mpbejo » Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:29 pm

Dear Mr Tian Hao,
I think I solved at 50% my problem.
In my Arduino IDE I previously setup the "Core Debug Level: Debug" and then I realized that this setup slow down the performance.
If "Core Debug Level:" is set to "None" the performance are really improved.
For example without WiFi int sketch i can connect two android device without problem, if I add the WiFi I have to try more times.

About the files You asked me: sdkconfig (renamed the extension because the forum show me an error extension), please could you tell me where to find the file log that You want?
The Arduino Board manager tell me that v.1.0.0 i s installed but I don't think is the data that You want.

Thank You
Best Regards
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