ESP-IDF V3.1 has been released

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ESP-IDF V3.1 has been released

Postby ESP_Angus » Fri Sep 07, 2018 8:40 am

Full details, release notes, download instructions and links can be found on GitHub:

Major Changes
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modem sleep support
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence support
  • Bluetooth Hands Free Profile (HFP)
  • Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP)
  • Bluetooth A2DP source support
  • Automatic Light Sleep feature to reduce overall power consumption (including Tickless FreeRTOS). Average current in Wi-Fi Station mode, when connected to AP (DTIM=1) is 3.1mA. This is 10x lower than the average current in modem sleep mode under the same scenario (30mA).
  • Multiple antenna support (automatic using external RF antenna switch)
  • Wi-Fi mesh functionality (ESP-MESH)
    • Autonomous self-organizing Wi-Fi-based networking protocol
    • Self-healing mesh topology
    • Can connect to external IP network via a "root node" and route packets to external network
    • Supports mesh network data encryption via WPA2-PSK
  • OS adapter layer for Wi-Fi functionality (allows Wi-Fi libraries to run on other RTOS implementations)
  • SDIO Slave peripheral driver
  • Bootloader refactoring, configurable factory reset and test app trigger functionality
  • Partition table can be relocated to allow a larger bootloader binary
  • esp_https_ota: New simplified HTTPS OTA client feature
  • Initial Experimental support for alternative CMake build system.

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