Wifi errors with latest visualgdb update

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Wifi errors with latest visualgdb update

Postby joewright » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:28 pm

Anyone else getting SYSTEM_EVENT_STA_DISCONNECTED problems with the rev. 13 visualgdb toolchain?

I'm getting totally confused with which verison of the idf is going with what, but I think rev.13 introduced 3.1.

Comparing and old working build with the newer gave these differences as well:


wifi firmware version: b987c01
phy_version: 3910, c0c45a3, May 21 2018, 18:07:06, 0, 0
mode : sta (24:0a:c4:1e:03:28)


wifi firmware version: 8c44f46
phy_version: 4000, b6198fa, Sep 3 2018, 15:11:06, 0, 0
mode : sta (24:0a:c4:1e:03:24)

I'm trying to downgrade to rev.12 at the moment but I've now got a corrupt project on my hands. While I'm doing that, I wondered if anyone else had come across similar problems?


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