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Re: ESP32 with GSM modem - PPP over Serial (PPPoS) client example

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:21 am
by Ritesh
Hi Loboris,

I have one question like do we need to add interface input for GSM as well into TCP IP Adapter Interface Input List like WiFi STA, WiFi Ap and Ethernet Interface if we plan to add GSM Interface as well with ESP32?

/* TODO: add Ethernet interface */
typedef enum {
TCPIP_ADAPTER_IF_STA = 0, /**< ESP32 station interface */
TCPIP_ADAPTER_IF_AP, /**< ESP32 soft-AP interface */
TCPIP_ADAPTER_IF_ETH, /**< ESP32 ethernet interface */
} tcpip_adapter_if_t;