ESP32-LYRATD-MSC Playing Tune form Micro SDCard

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ESP32-LYRATD-MSC Playing Tune form Micro SDCard

Postby walker34 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 6:36 am

Hi everyone,

How can we sing a song from micro sd card?

• What is the commnad for play a tune from microsd card.
• Can we setup a media player to kit. If your answer is yes, How can we find player.exe and how to install it?
• For instance, Let say we have two tunes as A.mp3 and B.mp3 on SD card. I want to play A.mp3 , what can I command to the board for playing A.mp3?

In the datasheet of MSC, They indicate tune can be played on SDcard.

I add the datasheet SS.

Please help me.
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