ESP-IDF Version for ESP-WHO samples

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ESP-IDF Version for ESP-WHO samples

Postby Jean-Luc » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:39 am

So I've started to play with ESP-EYE board and ESP-WHO framework.
I first installed ESP-IDF 3.1.3, but the detection_with_command_line sample would just return camera errors, and recognition_solution would fail to build due to esp_http_server missing.

So I've now removed ESP-IDF 3.1.3, and install ESP-IDF 3.3-beta2 instead. recognition_solution builds fine, it can detect hilexin word, and create an access point to which I can connect with my Ubuntu 18.04 computer. But now when I try to access in Firefox it will just load forever ("waiting for"), and show a white screen.

I guess it may be an issue with the IDF version I'm using. Thanks in advance.

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